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A lucky charm from our shop leads to a happy life event!

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Bala from London sent us this amazing e-mail, that we’d like to share with all of you.

I came to your shop on 29 Dec 2013 …… a very kind lady at the store gave us this as a Good Luck charm. I believe the “eye” is considered to be a very sacred item in Greece.  It was a selfless act with absolutely no expectation from her……..she didnt expect us to buy anything, but her gesture was priceless.

I want to Thank her profusely from the bottom of my heart for this gift and her wishes. She gave us one of these lucky charms  and said – “This will bring a good change to your life soon – like a newborn or a new job”.

And it really happened 🙂 Shortly after our return from Greece, we found out we were expecting a little one 🙂 My wife gave birth to a beautiful girl – NIKITHA. We wanted her name to have a little Greek touch….so named her after Goddess Nike

If we make a trip to Greece again, I’ll definitely stop by.

Happy New Year !!

cheers – Bala

We’d like to wish Bala, his wife and their new addition Nikitha, the very best that life has to offer! (and we hope to see all three of them on Santorini island soon!)


Lucky Charm Santorini synthesis

The lucky charm!


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